How To Unclog The Sink Drain And Get Rid Of The Unpleasant Smell

Sink drain clogging is a problem that happens frequently if you don’t take proper care of the pipes. So, if you’re leak is clogged then you should learn how to fix this problem with natural remedies.

Everyone hates the smell of the clogged drainage pipes, but there is a simple way to solve this problem. Just mix 2 ingredients to create a volcano foam to unclog the pipes.

You need:
– half a cup of baking soda
– half a cup of vinegar

All that you have to do is to pour baking soda in the drain then pour over it the cup of vinegar. You’ll see how these 2 ingredients will produce a chemical reaction. Let them act for 10 minutes then pour hot water to rinse the drain.

So, why using chemicals to harm your health when you can use these 2 simple ingredients to achieve the same effects.

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