Homemade Chemical-Free Windshield Cleaner

There are a lot of reasons for you to make your own windshield cleaner. First of all, you will keep all the chemicals from the commercial products at bay. Moreover, I find it to be cheaper to make your own, so you will definitely save some money. Furthermore, this homemade solution is easy to make, affordable and accessible, you can have it in larger quantities at home without ever bothering you’re out. Thus, if I made you curious, keep reading and check out this amazing chemical-free homemade windshield cleaner.

For this homemade windshield cleaner, you will need the following ingredients:

– an empty and clean gallon jug
– 8 oz. of isopropyl rubbing alcohol
– 1 oz. of liquid castile soap
– 4 drops of blue food coloring which is quite optional if you want to resemble the commercial products.

To make this, all you have to do is pour the isopropyl rubbing alcohol into the empty jug. Then, you should start filling the jug with the water. Make sure you also leave some room for the liquid castille soap. Before adding it, mix very well and gradually pour the liquid soap and the food coloring, only if you want to.

Simply secure the jug very well with a cap and gently shake it upside down a few times. That’s all it takes to mix all the ingredients. Lastly, to use, you will need to pour it into the correct compartment under your car hood and you’re all set.

In conclusion, another reason for which I love this solution is because the alcohol is great for keeping the freezing under control. Thus, if you also want a stronger anti-freeze protection in the cold weather, you could safely add more alcohol.

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