Remove Moldy Spots From The Shower With This Powerful Cleaner

When you are living in a temperate climate, it is very hard to deal with the all-around humidity. Especially in your bathroom, after you take a shower. I don’t know about you but my shower always had the tendency to get moldy surfaces. On the one side, it is always good to identify it quickly and act immediately on it. On the other side, if you leave the situation like that, the fungus will just spread and it will become more serious and difficult to remove. There is no way of going around it, you need to remove moldy surfaces right away. For this, keep reading and learn how to make a homemade natural solution that will be effective.

First off, before going into the homemade solution, prepare your grounds. Start taking down your shower curtain and run hot water all over to generally clean the surface. You will notice that damp moldy surfaces will clean better and the ingredients will be even more effective. Now, let’s move onto the natural solution!

The ingredients you will need to prepare this natural solution for moldy surfaces are:

– 2 cups of distilled white vinegar
– 1 cup of distilled warm water
– 30 drops of tea tree essential oil

All you need to do is fill a spray bottle with the vinegar and water. Top the mixture with the tea tree essential oil and shake well before spraying. Now you can proceed to spray this mixture on the moldy surfaces and let it act for about half an hour before you rinse it off.

As a side note, keep in mind that this will work for mild cases of moldy surfaces. Hence, it will be enough to cut the source of the mold and keep your shower clean. However, for a more severe situation, you will need to use a soft brush to scrub it away using a more concentrated solution. Add more vinegar and less water to the mixture, also increasing the amount of tea tree oil. Once your shower is clean, make sure you rinse everything off very thoroughly with cold water.

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