Quick and Easy Method to Get Rid of Drain Flies For Good

When drain flies get inside your home, they can become really troublesome since they reproduce quickly. Also known as fruit flies, they eat fruits and vegetables, especially those with solid state fermentation.

The life cycle of these organisms is fast. In just 8 days, these insects reach their full maturity. Their lifespan is only 30 days, and they reproduce rapidly. During her lifetime, a female can lay as many as 500 eggs. Getting rid of these nasty insects is not easy, but with a little patience, you can succeed.

⭕ Here is the most effective trick to remove drain flies for good:

The majority of drain flies live inside kitchen sinks, attracted by food particles and moisture.

✅ To make the solution, mix 1/8 cup of ammonia with 1 gallon of tap water.

✅ Put the mixture into the drain and let it work for a few minutes.

✅You’ll definitely get rid of drain flies if you repeat this process daily for about 2-3 weeks.

We hope you will share this information with others and help them remove these nasty insects from their kitchens.

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