Multi-Purpose Natural Cleaner To Get Rid Of Stubborn Hard Water Stains In The Bathroom

If you don’t know what tricks to use anymore to clean your house, we recommend giving up chemicals and chose natural solutions, because they are very effective, costs 0, and environment-friendly.
Fortunately, you found out about a completely natural remedy with which you can clean the entire house.

You need:
– the peel of 2 oranges
– vinegar

Put the peels in a jar with lid and pour over them vinegar to fill it. Leave this preparation to macerate for 2 weeks. The smell of vinegar will be replaced by the orange smell.

With this mixture you can clean the entire house. It’s a multi-purpose natural solution. It’s great to clean the bathroom, to get rid of rust stains on bathtub, hard water stains, and to get rid of many other impossible to clean stains.

Clean two oranges and put the peels in a jar with a lid. Add vinegar over and let it stand for two weeks.

The smell of the vinegar will disappear and it will be replaced by the orange. You can then use the mix to clean any area of the house.

Image Credits: Thediyguineapig

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