How to dry your laundry in 15 minutes

If you’re in a hurry and you just washed the pants you want to wear in half an hour, just chill out. In winter, laundry dries harder and if you don’t have enough space in the bathroom or on the balcony, your clothes risk to mold or to rot due to humidity. See how to dry your laundry quickly with a few clever tricks.

Towel trick
If you need a clean pair of jeans and you just washed them all, stay calm. Put the jeans you want in the washing machine, add two to three large and fluffy towels and turn on the spin program.
Dry towels will absorb much of the clothes moisture. Then you simply iron your jeans and they are ready to wear.

Pressing trick
If you want to quickly dry a blouse, a shirt or a shirt, wrap that piece of clothing in a large dry towel.
Then make a huge roll so that your blouse to be surrounded by dry towel on each stratum.
Put the roll on the floor and get up on it, pressing with feet so that all the moisture to get out of clothes and enter into dry towel.
Now iron your clothing item and will be completely dry.

Iron trick
If you want to quickly dry a piece of clothing that is relatively dry, the easiest is to iron without steam, with a litter over it.
The sheet will retain all the steam will come out of the fabric in contact with iron, so that you’ll iron and dry the fabric at the same time.

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