How to clean the air conditioner

Weather heats up and suddenly we remember about air conditioner that in recent months did almost nothing. Professionals recommend cleaning the device before re-using.

Change filters or wash them. AC appliance filters is below the indoor trap unit which rises slightly. These should be checked at least once a month and, when loaded, can be cleaned very simple: either with a special spray that dissolves dust particles or under running water. A filter loaded with different kind of particles makes air circulation and cooling process very difficult. Sometimes, the entire apparatus may be damaged.

Check the condensate system. When cold air meets warm air condensation effect occurs. Air-conditioning systems have a number of ways to deal with this situation. If your machine has evaporation pump, watch for it to work properly. Take care where evaporation system is positioned so water does not flow into your home.

Remove dirt. In order that air conditioner to work properly is very important to be positioned in a well-ventilated area and air circulation not to be obstructed by objects in the house. Also, at the beginning of the hot season it is advisable to remove the air conditioner with a solution of water and detergent.

Also, if you discover that the filters or air conditioner components developed mold, call a professional to clean the device as well.

Attention!! Because of dirty filters there is a risk to get sick of legionellosis (lungs disease that can be fatal).

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