How To Clean Suede Shoes To Look Brand New For Autumn

It might not seem like it, but autumn is coming right off the corner. Thus, it is time to prepare our suede shoes. I find them to be a staple for the autumn season, it fits perfectly with anything from my wardrobe. Hence, if you store them poorly, they will look terrible. I, unfortunately, neglected them in storage so far and was completely upset by the unsightly turnout. Hence, if you are having the same issue, keep reading and learn how to clean your suede shoes to look brand new for autumn.

Cleaning suede shoes is really an ordeal but with right instructions, you should be completely successful. Let’s see what you will need for a proper cleaning:

– a suede brush
– rubbing alcohol
– a white washcloth
– cornstarch.

First off, you will need to remove dirt, debris and scuff marks. For this, you will have to use a suede brush to repeatedly rub the dirt off in the same direction. Make sure you insist until scuff marks are gone completely.

Next, for smaller water stains from the bottom, you will need to use rubbing alcohol. Unlike water, this won’t stain the suede material. Thus, damp a white cloth with rubbing alcohol and then start rubbing the stain for 5 minutes and let the area get dry. Lastly, brush the spot with the same suede brush to bring back the fibers.

If you noticed that rubbing alcohol didn’t work on certain stains, that it’s probably because it might be the case of oily stains. You can get rid of those by using cornstarch. Sprinkle a small amount of cornstarch on the stain and give it 10 minutes to soak up the oils. Then, use the brush again to buff the stain out.

Another thing I like to do after cleaning the suede shoes is shaving them. That’s right, with the good old razor, you can gently shave the bigger strings off of your shoes, so they could look completely smooth. Then, I go again with the suede brush to get rid of the stringy bits. That’s it, brand new suede shoes!

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