How to clean car interior – Leather upholstery

Use a leather-cleaning kit for leather seats. Leather requires more careful care than fabric or vinyl upholstery, as it is more susceptible to aging and fading. The best option to clean leather is to use cleaners specifically made for leather, such as cleaners and conditioners.

Pretreat stubborn stains on leather. For stubborn stains on leather upholstery, pretreat the leather with a leather conditioner. Then apply a leather stain remover on the stain and rub it in. Allow it to sit for about 30 seconds and wipe off the stain remover.

Use a homemade mild cleaner. You can mix some mild hand soap with warm water and wash the leather upholstery. Do not use very much water. Be sure to thoroughly rinse off the soapy mixture by using a clean cloth soaked in water to wipe off the soap.

Thoroughly dry the leather. After you’ve cleaned the leather, make sure it is completely dry before you apply conditioner. While leather naturally repels water, it will not hold the conditioner if it’s wet.

Use a toothbrush to clean seams. On the seat upholstery, there are seams where the upholstery has been sewn together. Dirt and debris can easily gather here and it is often hard to lift this dirt with a vacuum or cloth. Use a toothbrush to get at these areas, scrubbing gently with your cleaner.

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