How to clean blinds: 15 useful tips

One of the most difficult activities we have to do at home is cleaning the blinds. These objects have changed their appearance much lately. At first, they were made of wood, then from canvas, and now the most common are the plastic ones. Because they attract dust very quickly, they require the most rigorous cleaning process. And if you’ve neglected them or if you’ve been away for a long time, things get complicated.

You must take into account the quality of light that enters the house through the blinds. If they are clean, you will surely have a clear light, but if they are dusty, things are not good. Just imagine how important is light for the health of your family.

To remove dust, use a spray can. You can use a cloth soaked in a solution made of water and detergent.

Also when vacuuming the carpet or the floor, you can use the vacuum on the blinds too. Attach the brush to cleaner’s pipe and brush them up and down. The dust will be removed immediately. Beware, do not press too hard;

Another method you can apply is to clean each blind band with a cloth;

If they are not dusty, but rather dirty, they must be taken down from the window and soaked in warm water with detergent. Experts recommend such a cleaning every 3-4 months. Do not neglect these objects when you clean the house.

If you have wooden blinds, you can remove the dust with a cloth or a special swab.
After that, you can apply lemon oil all over them or other wood preservatives (linseed oil varnish, etc.);

Vinyl blinds can be cleaned with a solution obtained from water and mild detergent that does not affect the material;

It is forbidden to wash blinds in the washing machine or dishwasher;

If you choose to take them down, but you do not want to soak them in water, you can put them under the shower jet. The dirty water will drain and you’ll be able to clean them faster.

Always clean from top to bottom or tab from left to right. In case you do not choose the shower or vacuum cleaner methods, clean each blade manually. Thus, there will be no risk to break them;

When using spray dust, avoid spraying directly on the blade. Use it a few centimeters back;

Never use car dust spray for cleaning the blinds;

Never dip wooden blinds in water.

If you follow the advice given by specialists, cleaning the blinds certainly will not be a problem for you anymore.

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