How to clean and disinfect the shower

In summer, we all prefer to take a shower. It is faster and more economically. But the shower needs to be cleaned. Lime and soap stains or mildew from grout and tray should be cleaned periodically. And if you go on vacation at the hotel, it’s good to disinfect the cabin for your family safe.

Cabin walls.
They are usually made of security glass. Limestone or soap must be cleaned with a microfiber cloth moistened with white vinegar or a mixture of household alcohol, white vinegar and water (one glass of alcohol and vinegar to a liter of water) or white vinegar where you put fine salt.

If the glass is stained, it should be buffed with a microfibre cloth moistened with undiluted household alcohol. Another solution is to clean glass stains only with ultrafine glass wool. This will alleviate the fine scratches too.

The advantage of natural solutions is that they do not affect the material of which objects are made. Shower tray may be from heavy materials (enameled cast iron, marble or concrete) or mild (treated wood or acrylic etc). For a normal cleaning of the shower tray use a mixture of soapy water with a little white vinegar (one quart of warm water, a few drops of liquid soap and a glass of white vinegar). If is very dirty, wash the tray with a brush or a sponge soaked in a mixture of hot water, caustic soda crystals and white vinegar (a liter of hot water, a cup of caustic soda crystals and half a cup of white vinegar).

Joints and mildew.
You can clean up the mess around the tiles using toothpaste applied to the brush. If you have mold, too:

– soak the toothbrush in white vinegar and then rinse thoroughly.
– rub the joints with a cloth soaked in alcohol and rinse thoroughly with water.
– rub well with a sponge soaked in liquid black soap.
– spray chloramine on joints, leave it for half a day and then rinse.

Take additional measures of hygiene and holidays
Once you’ve checked into your hotel room, even the bathroom was cleaned, for your safety we advise to disinfect the bathroom again. You need antibacterial spray or sanitary towels soaked with disinfectants. Clean thoroughly all sanitary ware, including shower cabin.

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