How to clean a leather jacket

In autumn, leather clothes become one of the most useful articles in the closet. But if you want to wear them for many years, you must care for them, because they are fastidious.

If you want to clean your own leather clothes, you can follow the advice of specialists in the fields below:

Dark leather should be buffed with a soft cloth moistened with warm water and ammonia. Even the inside of an orange peel can be useful for cleaning leather.

Suede clothes are cleaned with chalk. Rub the stain gently with ordinary chalk and then with a brush.

Use soft cloth
Stains on colored leather clothes are removed with a cloth soaked in alcohol or beer.

White clothes are cleaned with hot water, with a very soft cloth and white soap. Then, thoroughly wash the cloth and wipe the clothes again.

To restore the shine of old leather clothes use a brush moistened in a solution prepared with baking soda dissolved in a glass of milk.

Leather shoes care
New shoes should be treated before they are worn for the first time. Light colored leather shoes are cleaned with a cotton cloth dipped in raw milk, and the dark ones with special sponges and sprays.

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