How to clean a greasy cooker hood

For each appliance there are different cleaning solutions, depending on the material is made of. If you want to clean the cooker hood you should be very careful about the products you use. Some of them scratch paint, others are not recommended for stainless steel. Here’s what you need to do for a sparkling kitchen hood!

Be careful not to scratch the paint – Make sure the cleaning material used does not contain particles that could scratch the painted surfaces. Ideally, you should use liquid or gel solutions. No wire sponge! Also, do not use the sponge abrasive side because you can scratch the metal or sponge color will saturate in the paint.

Clean the filters with powerful degreaser – Hood is one of the dirtiest appliances in the kitchen, full of grease and oil. And if you do not clean it frequently, the filters will emanate a stench and rancid smell. What to do? Disassemble the appliance and for removing grease use a degreasing product stronger than dishwashing detergent. Remove filters, soak them in water mixed with degreaser for one hour and then you can clean using an abrasive pad.

When using dishwashing detergent – Clean the hood with a cloth dipped in warm water mixed with detergent. Thus, you protect its material and paint. After you have removed all dirt stains, rinse thoroughly with water. If not, on the hood will remain unsightly streaks, especially if your appliance is stainless steel.

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