How to clean a dirty pool properly

What could be better than spending a relaxing sunny day by the pool in the garden? Do not forget to keep the basin clean for the safe and health of your family.

• Clean the pool exterior walls (if necessary) and remove the weeds beside the pool.

• Pool ladder must be cleaned well before being placed in water, especially after being held in winter in the garage or on the porch. Keep it clean and not worry about stubborn stains because they will disappear with time after a longer stay in the water.

• Remove fallen leaves from water with a tail nets.

• Bronzer or sunburn cream stains can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth or cleaning solution.

• Clean the filter at least once a week to ensure water quality from the tank. Drain and filter should be inspected and cleaned frequently.

• Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the pool basis. Depending on the basin, it may need vacuuming once a month or every few days. In addition, it depends if you have many trees around, if you have children or pets who throw dirt in the water or if you notice a pronounced deposition of algae.

• Clean sand filter if you use it.

• If you have major problems with algae, use a solution against them, preferably one with lasting effect.

• Tail net is effective for insects, frogs or any objects that come to float on the pool water surface. Empty and clean the basin if you notice too much dirt on the surface.

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