This Homemade Cleaner Will Make Your Windows Sparkle Again

Cleaning the windows with store-bought products is never a safe option for me personally. The endless list of chemicals that they contain assured me of that. Instead, I tried to go to a more natural approach and made my own version using natural ingredients. Keep reading and check out the recipe to try the best homemade cleaner you will ever need. It will make your windows sparkle again.

The ingredients you will need to make this homemade cleaner for your windows are:

– 1-quart of white vinegar
– 3 handfuls of fresh lemon balm
– a quart plastic jar with a lid

Here’s how to make it:

First off, you will need to slightly warm up the vinegar. Thus, pour it on a pan and heat it up a bit on the stove.

Then, pick 3 handfuls of lemon balm and lay them in the shade on a hot day. You need them to lose their water content and dry.

Next, you will have to chop the lemon balm coarsely and put in the plastic jar.

Now, it is time to cover the jar with the slightly warmed white vinegar.

Place the jar in the for about 3 days and when the time is up, keep it on the counter for 2 weeks.

After this time, simply strain the mixture to get rid of the leaves because you will only need the solution.

Lastly, transfer the solution into a spray bottle and you can use it for at least a year.

This would be perfect because the lemon balm is highly antibacterial and antiviral which means your windows will sparkle naturally, disinfecting your entire house.

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