Homemade Bait To Get Rid Of Ants In The Kitchen

Ants outdoors are not a pleasant sight, they seem to multiply preparing to invade you. Thus, imagine finding some in your kitchen. It is quite terrifying because if you don’t act immediately, they might take over. What I hate the most is that I find a lot of pests trailing along the countertops where I am cooking. It is also not healthy for your home environment. Therefore, with the upcoming summer season, you should do some cleaning. Keep reading this article and see how you can make a homemade bait to get rid of ants from your kitchen. It is simple, fast and quick, using only two natural ingredients. Check it out!

For this homemade bait, you will need:

– one part borax
– 3 parts powdered sugar
– tiny containers.

This works amazingly because the borax will kill the pesky creature using the sugar to attract them. A perfect combination of natural ingredients. All you need to do is mix them and fill some tiny containers with this solution. For example, you can use bottle caps for as bait.

Then, place these containers where you want to trap the ants. Also, if there are more tight spaces where you can identify trails of ants, simply spread the mixture directly in their path.

Finally, to sanitize and also deter ants from ever coming back, you can use vinegar. Spray it in small crevices and cracks, near baseboards, and on countertops, this is where ants might be hiding. You don’t need to wipe it off either, it is more effective as a deterrent if you leave traces of vinegar around the house.

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