DIY Collar To Get Rid Of Fleas On Dogs

When you have dogs, it is very important to keep your house in order. Especially because dogs can have fleas or ticks and you don’t want them spreading in your home environment. I found out that popular preventatives, such as flea and tick medication are not as effective as I wanted them to. Thus, if you don’t want to resort to medication for your dogs, keep reading down below. Getting rid of fleas on dogs is something you can definitely do using natural ingredients. And your dogs won’t be bothered ever again. Learn how to make a flea collar to prevent and get rid of fleas on dogs.

Why would you need a flea collar? Well, it was the easiest method that I know my dogs will love. It is basically a great way to keep fleas on dogs at bay without applying a solution topically. We all know how hard it is to do this with dogs.

The ones you will need are:

– 3 drops of cedar oil
– 2 drops of lavender oil
– around 3 tablespoons of water

Other things you might need are a bandana and a dropper bottle to make things easier. Let’s see the simple instructions:

First off, you will have to dilute the essential oils in the water. Put the water in a small bowl and add the cedar and lavender oil, stirring to mix them all together.

Then, simply transfer this mixture in a dropper bottle to make the application easier.

Now, I prefer using a bandana because it looks better and it is easier to take it off your dogs when you need to reapply the solution. You should reapply the solution once a week for constant results. Not to mention, it will be fun for your dog too. However, you could do this work with your dog’s collar too.

You can now apply 5-8 drops of your mixture to the bandana and rub the fabric to soak it up. Lastly, simply tie it on your dog’s neck and you are all set. The ingredients from this mixture will deter these pesky fleas and your dog will always be clean. Your home will also be fleas free.

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