Clever Trick To Clean A Burnt Pan In A Few Seconds

You’ve been cooking and the food stuck on the bottom of the pan? Yes, I know, you want to throw it away, but when you’ll read the following information you won’t do that! These cleaver tricks will remove burnt from a pan in a few seconds without rubbing it or using all sort of chemicals.

1. Pour water in the pan to cover the burnt.

2. Pour some liquid dish detergent in the pan.

3. Put some napkins on the bottom of the pan and leave it for about an hour (use harsh napkins, not the classic soft ones).

4. After an hour, blot everything from the pan. You will see that burnt will be removed very easily.

5. Rinse the pan and wipe it with clean napkins.

I hope this information was useful for you!

Image Credits: Nomnompaleo and Lifehacker

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