Cleaning the wallpaper. Tips and solutions

The wallpaper is an excellent solution in house. But to fully enjoy its beauty and benefits you must clean it regularly. Find out all tips about cleaning wallpaper.

If you decided to put wallpaper on the kitchen walls it is recommended to use a good kitchen hood to protect wallpaper.

Proper wallpaper cleaning can be done by washing it only when really needed. With water and degreasing solutions you can only clean washable wallpaper, the paper one can be cleaned only with a dry cloth or vacuum cleaner.

Washable wallpaper can be easily cleaned with soap and warm water mixed with vinegar. Use a soft cloth or sponge (it must be squeezed very well). After being cleaned with soap and water, or other special solutions for washable wallpaper, it must be necessarily cleaned with another dry cloth.

Cleaning wallpaper always starts from the top down, inward wall corners.

A solution of water, baking and laundry soap can thoroughly clean washable wallpaper.

You can use a solution of equal parts alcohol and water sprayed directly on the wallpaper. Let it work for a few minutes then wipe with a dry cloth. Try before a less visible area and see how it this treatment behaves on wallpaper. Any cleaning solution needs to be tested before using.

Well ventilate the room were you clean the wallpaper.

Never use for cleaning wallpaper substances that could destroy it, such as chlorine or lemon-based cleaners or abrasives. It is important that the detergent used does not attack the wallpaper and does not leave any stains.

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