Cleaning As A Hobby! How To Clean A Dirty Stove Effortlessly

Cleaning the stove is a real nightmare for any housewife. It gathers bacteria, grease, and food debris with moisture is the perfect environment for germs and bacteria growth.

Not to mention about the stove grates that gathers a lot of dirt, and cleaning them is very difficult even if we use the most expensive products.

But there is a simple way that eases our job, without using chemicals.

You have to place each stove grate in a zipper bag then add 1 cup of ammonia over it and fill it with hot water. Let this solution to act overnight, and you’ll see the next day that each stove grate is shiny as new.

Be careful to ventilate the kitchen because the ammonia vapors are dangerous, and can make you feel dizzy.

Another option is to replace ammonia and water with a cup of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Leave it to act overnight and the stove grates will look impeccable.

The same trick you can use for the stove top, leaving the substance to act overnight and remove it in the morning.

Cleaning will become your favorite hobby with these natural solutions.

Image Credits: Thepinjunkie and Hometalk

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