How To Clean Effectively The Fabric Upholstery With Homemade Solutions

Your textile sofa is dirty and you don’t know how to get rid of all that dirt? Calling the cleaning services is very expensive and the only thing that’s left to do is to clean it yourself. Well, with the following remedies you’ll get great results in no-time!

You need:
– 1 liter of water
– 1 cup of rubbing alcohol or vodka
– 1 cup of vinegar
– 1 tablespoon of baking soda
– 1 tablespoon of liquid laundry detergent

How to proceed?
Put all the ingredients in a spray bottle, and spray over the dirty surfaces. Don’t forget to use rubber gloves to protect your hands.

After spraying, let it act for a few minutes, then rub gently with a soft brush. Remove the excess with a clean cloth.

Tip: don’t apply too much of this solution because it will dry hard. Although, you can use a hairdryer for the textile upholstery to dry faster!

Image Credits: Quora and Ecosuds

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