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Magical Homemade Solution To Remove Carpet Stains Quickly

The carpet is the main target of difficult stains. Whether it’s coffee, red wine or oil, these stains are difficult to remove, especially if they’re old. To get rid of unwanted stains on your carpet, you can prepare a 100% natural solution at home to apply right after you’ve stained …

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How to make a carpet stain remover (Homemade)

Carpets are probably the easiest to get dirty of all objects in the house because they are very exposed. How to make them to look like new despite the fact that you stepped on them with dirty soles, you spilled food, drinks or some puppy didn’t show them any bit …

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How to remove pet stains on carpets

Your pet make blunders and urine stain on the carpet? Do you know how to remove stains left? There are good ways to solve the problem, and other ways that only worsen the situation. Dogs perceive the smell of urine and feces as an incentive in the process of excretion. …

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5 mistakes you make when you use the vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is one of the most versatile tools in your arsenal when it comes to cleaning the house. Here are five mistakes you make when using the vacuum cleaner. If you avoid them, you’ll clean faster and better. 1. You don’t empty the dust bag before (or after) …

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How to clean oriental rugs and carpets

There are several ways to clean a carpet. Two of the most common methods for carpet cleaning: dry cleaning and steam cleaning. There is the chemical cleaning solution too, but this is the most difficult because it requires lifting the carpet and move it to a specialized center. Dry carpet …

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How to clean the carpet like a pro

If you want to clean all carpeting first remove all old and stubborn stains. Vacuum the carpet several times and then rub with a concentrated solution of water and dishwashing detergent or shampoo. Add vinegar or lemon juice in that solution. The ideal formula: one part bleach, two parts water …

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