Powerful Dishwasher Detergent Recipe

Once you start doing your own products at home, you notice it is a better alternative for the commercial ones. Especially in terms of time, money and safety. And these are the most important things when it comes to cleaning for me. Thus, after doing the homemade laundry detergent, I wanted to try a version for the dishwasher detergent. And it works just as perfectly as it should. Thus, if you want to go a more natural approach, keep reading and see the recipe for a fantastic homemade dishwasher detergent to save up money and keep it healthier.

The ingredients you will need for this recipe are:

– one cup of borax
– a cup of washing soda
– a half cup of citric acid
– half a cup of kosher salt.

Let’s get into it:

All you have to do is to mix all the ingredients together in a tight mason jar. Shake very well to incorporate the ingredients and it is ready to be used.

Hence, when you want to clean your dishes, simply use one tablespoon of this homemade detergent and you are all set. You can definitely use more if you feel the need but the ingredients are really very strong degreaser so it won’t be necessary.

This batch means about 24 ounces of homemade dishwashing detergent. If you find it to be as fantastic as I did, you will want to do more. Thus, simply double every ingredient from the list.

Now, because it is a very strong detergent, I would also recommend rinsing thoroughly with vinegar. Thus, after washing the dishes, fill the compartment with white vinegar.

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