8 unsuspected uses for old newspapers

Keep a few newspapers in the house, after reading them. They have a lot of uses and will be useful when you least expect it. Here are some practical uses to which you have not thought of.

1. Newsprint is a good absorbent, so it can be used for storing fruit and vegetables in a cool pantry or refrigerator. Inside newsprint nuts or tomatoes will ripen better.

2. Shred old newspapers into strips and put them in boxes where you deposit fragile crystal glasses, glass figurines or porcelain.

3. Soak a few sheets of crumpled newspaper in glass cleaner and wipe vases, glasses or delicate glass objects. Newsprint clean water stains and will restore glass glare.

4. Crumple a few sheets of newspaper and thrusts them into shoes on evening. By the next day, newsprint will absorb moisture and will neutralize odor.

5. Crumpled newspapers are perfect to keep delicate shoes or handbags appearance. If you keep them in cabinets one over another, it is good to put newspapers between them (in order to not deform them), whether leather or not.

6. Collect more newspapers and in the autumn prepare a piece of land where you want to plant flowers next year. Dig the ground where you want to be the future flowerbed, add pieces of papers, pieces of vegetables and fruit and bury it with a layer of mold. In the spring, newspapers and debris will make a nutritious compost.

7. Newsprint is very good to clean the grill after you done steak. While is still hot, clean the grate with newspapers because will absorb fat and will clean burned debris.

8. Newspapers can get rid of weeds. Cover weeds layers with newsprint in order that light to don’t reach them, watered with a watering can and leave them covered a few days. The weeds will die gradually and it will be easier for you to uproot them and clean the earth.

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