5 dusting mistakes we all make

Dust – housewives enemy number one. No matter how often you clean, it slowly deposit on furniture, refrigerator and other parts of the house. Dusting seems a battle that housewives will never win.

Here are the 5 biggest mistakes you make when dusting.

1. You use a feather duster

A feather duster just spread the dust from one place to another. Choose instead a microfiber cloth or a electrostatic whisk. They remove dust, but be sure to clean them each time they get dirty.

2. You don’t clean the air conditioner and radiators

These devices are dust magnets stuck on your walls. If you do not clean them will spread dust around the room. When you use the vacuum cleaner, use it on radiators and air conditioner.

3. You clean with a damp cloth

When dusting with a dry cloth, you spread dust through the room. Use a dust spray and a microfiber cloth for best results.

4. You spray directly on furniture

It is recommended to spray on the cloth and not directly on furniture. Doing otherwise, dust will be mixed with that solution and will be harder to remove. In addition, any stain on furniture attracts more dust.

5. You do not change the vacuum cleaner filters

Vacuum cleaner filters are designed to attract the finest dust. But when they are clogged, they will not attract dust, they will resubmit it in the air. Change or wash vacuum cleaner dust filters using manufacturer’s instructions.

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