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How to clean a copper pan with only 2 ingredients

Look how easy you can clean the burned fat from cooking pots! You need only two ingredients from your kitchen. Housewives dream to have clean dishes came true with a little effort, without expensive cleaning products full of chemicals. If you have pots and pans full of burned fat on …

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Cleaning tips: Lemon do wonders in cleaning

Dirty microwave, for example, can be easily removed with water and lemon. Cut a few slices of lemon and place them in a bowl of water. Put the bowl into the furnace a few minutes until the water starts to boil. The steam released will soften the dirt and grease …

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How to clean and disinfect your dish drying rack

The place where dishes are left to drain and dry gathers bacteria, fungi and other microbes in huge quantities because it is a place always wet and not everyone cleans it often. Therefore it’s better to give maximum attention on how to clean and disinfect your dish drying rack. There …

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How to clean a burned pan full of grease! Tricks used by chefs

You cooked something delicious, but your pan or pot looks awful! They are burned and full of fat. How do you manage to clean them without rubbing? – Add some of baking soda on the dishwashing detergent that you usually use. – Heat again the pot or pan and add …

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